demio vs webinarjam

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Recently, a new kind of conference has started to take hold: the webinarjam. These events are designed to give small businesses the opportunity to share their ideas and hear from experts in a live, interactive setting. While demio events are similar in concept, they have some key differences that you may want to know about. So, if you’re thinking about hosting your own demio event, be sure to read this blog post for more information. ###

What is a demio?

A demio is a hybrid platform that combines webinars and online courses. It’s a great way to get both the face-to-face and online experience, without having to commit to either format. With a demio, you can decide what works best for you – whether it’s taking one online course at a time, or hopping between webinars and courses on the same topic.

What is a webinarjam?

A webinarjam is a type of online event where people can join together to participate in live discussions. You don’t have to be present at the same time as everyone else in order to participate. You can watch the discussion and responses later, or even take part in the discussion right then and there if you want.

The beauty of webinarjams is that they let you connect with other people who share your interests. Whether you’re looking for advice on a new business venture, curious about a topic related to your job, or just want to chat with like-minded people, a webinarjam is perfect for you.

There are several benefits to participating in a webinarjam. For one, it can be an opportunity to build connections with new people. Not only will you learn something new from them, but you’ll also likely end up liking them as friends! Additionally, webinars are often lengthy – so having the chance to discuss things in real time can be really valuable. Finally, many people find that they gain more insight into topics after participating in a webinarjam than after simply reading about them online.

What are the differences between demio and webinarjam?

Demio is a live video platform that enables organizations to host webinars and events with the help of an expert moderator. Webinarjam, on the other hand, is a tool that enables you to create and manage online meetings. Both platforms have their own sets of features and benefits that make them unique from each other.

One key difference between demio and webinarJam is that demio provides the ability for moderators to keep participants engaged through questions and comments throughout the event. This helps ensure that everyone has a good time and learns from the presentation. WebinarJam does not offer this same level of engagement for participants, but it does allow you to quickly create a meeting agenda and track attendance. Additionally, webinarJam allows you to share videos after the meeting has ended, which can be useful for providing follow-up information or feedback.

Overall, both demio and webinarJam are powerful tools that can help your organization create high-quality online meetings. It just depends on what specific features are important to you.

Which one should you use for your next event?

With the advent of technology, there has been a new way to conduct business – through webinars. Webinars are interactive sessions where participants can ask questions and share their experiences. However, which one should you use for your next event?

Choosing between demio and webinarjam can be difficult because they both have their own advantages. Demio is popular in Europe, while webinarjam is more common in North America. Here are some key differences:

-Demio allows participants to view recordings after the event. This makes it easier for them to learn from the presenter and take away actionable information.

-Webinarjam does not allow participants to view recordings after the event. This means that they must remember everything that was said during the session. This may be difficult for people who are busy or have a lot of work responsibilities.

-Demio has a higher rates of conversion due to its ability to provide recordings and feedback afterwards.

Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs which one you should choose for your next event.


In this article, we compare demio and webinarjam to help you decide if either of these events is right for you. Both demio and webinarjam offer valuable training opportunities, but it’s important to choose the event that will fit your needs and priorities. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what type of training you are looking for: face-to-face or online?