graff diamonds the fascination

Graff diamonds are often associated with hip hop culture and high-end fashion, but they’re also a popular decoration for personal homes. In this post, we’ll explore what graff diamonds are, their history and how to create them yourself. You don’t have to be a professional artist to create beautiful graff diamonds – all you need is some imagination and some basic supplies. If you’re interested in giving graff diamonds a try, follow these steps to get started.

Graffiti diamonds

Graffiti diamonds are diamonds created by spraying diamond dust onto a canvas or other surface to create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. The name graffiti diamond comes from the technique of tagging or painting over existing graffiti artwork with diamond dust, giving the impression of beautiful diamonds embedded in the surface. Graffiti diamonds can be very expensive and some have even sold for over $100,000! Graffiti diamonds are becoming increasingly popular as art objects and are often used in jewelry designs.

Diamonds in Graffiti

Graffiti Diamonds are a growing trend in graffiti art. They typically consist of small diamonds, often plucked from the rough edges of conventional graffiti tags. The diamonds are then meticulously carved and polished into stunning pieces of jewelry.

The Graffiti Diamond craze began in 2006 when an artist by the name of Skee produced a series of polished diamond tags that he painted on subway trains in New York City. Since then, Graffiti Diamonds have become an increasingly popular graffiti style all over the world.

Some Graffiti Diamond artists focus on creating beautiful masterpieces, while others simply use them as part of their tagwriting repertoire. Regardless of motivation, the result is always striking and eye-catching.

The History of Graffiti and Diamonds

Graffiti and diamonds have a long and colorful history. In ancient China, graffiti depicted scenes of warfare, while diamonds were used as status symbols among royalty. Graffiti began appearing throughout the world in the 1920s, often tagging walls with messages about art, politics, and social issues.

Graffiti reached its peak during the 1960s and 1970s, when it was used to express rebellion against authority. The use of graffiti as a form of expression has since waned, but the popularity of diamond jewelry has led to a resurgence in diamond graffiti. Artists around the world now use graffiti and diamonds to create works of art that are sometimes priceless collector’s items.

How to Find Graffiti Diamonds

Graffiti diamonds are rare pieces of street art that are made up of spray paint intersecting with each other in diamond-like formations. The term “graffiti diamond” was first used in the 1990s to describe these pieces, and they have since become popular among collectors.

To find graffiti diamonds, you’ll need to look for large, brightly colored pieces that are relatively untouched by the elements. Once you’ve found a diamond, it will be important to take note of its location and surroundings so you can find similar pieces in the future.


Graff diamonds have a long and rich history, and as such, they are one of the most fascinating types of jewelry that you can wear. Whether you’re looking for something glamorous and stylish to add a touch of glamour to your day-to-day life or want to celebrate an important moment in your life with a graff diamond ring, we have everything you need to find the perfect piece. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!