What is link marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (also known as affiliate marketing) is a form of online business in the form of collaborators. With this form, you can find product distributors that support affiliates, register and promote their products, you will get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is more optimal than traditional advertising methods because we only get paid commissions if the promotion of the product is effective and the product is sold to consumers. This is indeed a superior method of making money online when all three parties: the advertiser, the product promoter and the customer benefit.

The main elements of Affiliate marketing.

When participating in making money online with affiliate marketing, you need to understand and grasp the main elements of this form, including:

Advertiser (Advertiser)

The advertiser is also the person who needs to advertise the product. They own and deliver the product to the market. They can be businesses, fashion shops, cosmetics, travel agencies….and many other service areas. To increase sales efficiency, they use a network of partners ( Publishers ) to promote products. These partners will receive a commission when a customer purchases a product from the sales link in their website.

Partners (Publishers)

Partners are participants in marketing and promoting products on their website for one or more advertisers. Every time a customer visits a partner's website and makes a purchase through a link from the website, the advertiser will pay a commission to them.

Affiliate Network

This is the intermediary between the partner and the advertiser. The advertiser will post the product to be promoted, and the partners will find the product that they want to participate in marketing.

Affiliate Network plays the role of providing technical background such as link promotion, banner, monitoring and evaluation of marketing effectiveness as well as dispute resolution and commission payment.

With Affiliate Marketing. Advertisers, partners-who promote products for advertisers and customers all enjoy their own benefits from this business form. Accordingly, advertisers will have the opportunity to promote their products to a large number of users, increase sales, and expand markets. Partners will receive a commission from promoting products to the manufacturer, and also attract users to visit their own website or blog. As for customers, of course, they will have the right to choose more products with more competitive prices, better quality and have the opportunity to access many incentives of advertisers.

Ways to make money with Affiliate marketing.

Common forms of affiliate marketing that you can participate in making money online and receive commissions include:

CPC (Cost per click)

This is the primitive form of making money from Affiliate marketing. For this form, publishers will receive a commission when customers visit the website and click on a link that leads to the homepage of the advertiser. The commission price will be calculated on the number of clicks, for example $ 5 / 1000 clicks ….

This form of making money online is very easy to cheat, so it is no longer used much.

CPA (Cost per action)

For the CPA form, the Publisher will receive a commission when the customer fulfills a request of the advertiser such as filling out a form, signing up for an email form, etc. This form of making money also appears quite a lot of fraud by filling out forms or forms yourself. Therefore it is also no longer used much.

CPS (Cost per sale)

It can be said that this is the most sustainable form of online marketing and making money today. Commissions are paid only if and only when a commodity transaction is made. This is profitable for both the advertiser and the marketer. Therefore, CPS currently has the biggest advantage compared to the other two forms.

Why should you make money online with Affiliate marketing?


Among the many forms of making money online today, why should we choose Affiliate marketing? There are the following reasons:

1. You don't need to own the product

You do not need to worry about producing any product at all. All you have to do is find out what products people like, search for products they like on affiliate networks, and promote them. It's simple, right. I will have detailed instructions on how to find potential markets and identify strategic keywords in the next articles.

2. You don't need delivery and customer support.

All of that is taken care of by the advertiser, you don't need to spend time worrying about the back end after the customer has purchased the product, just attract more traffic and receive commissions when the customer buys the product. purchase only.

3. High commission level.

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