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Nathalie Hrizi is the insurance commissioner for the State of New York. She was appointed to this position in October of 2017, and she will serve until December 2020. Prior to her appointment as insurance commissioner, Nathalie served as a State Senator for the 27th District of New York. In this role, she focused on issues related to health care, consumer protection, and economic development.

As insurance commissioner, Nathalie will be responsible for regulating the state’s health care industry, overseeing consumer protection laws, and ensuring that companies operating in New York are complying with all applicable regulations. She also has responsibility for the administration of state unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation programs. In addition to her work as insurance commissioner, Nathalie is a member of several boards and committees, including the Child Fatality Review Board and the Commission on Women in Power and Leadership. She also serves on the steering committee for Governor Cuomo’s Women in Economic Development Initiative. Nathalie Hrizi is an experienced politician who is well-equipped to lead New York’s insurance sector into the future. She has a track record of fighting for consumers and promoting economic development initiatives throughout her career

Nathalie Hrizi: An Overview

Nathalie Hrizi has been serving as the insurance commissioner of New York since January 2015. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Hrizi served as a senior executive at AIG where she led the company’s global insurance operations. In this role, Ms. Hrizi helped to grow the company’s affiliate business by increasing investment and creating new products and services.

Ms. Hrizi is also a veteran of the financial services industry. Prior to joining AIG, she was a managing director at Morgan Stanley where she led its European insurance operations. Before that, she was a partner at Lazard LLP, where she focused on advising multinational companies in their global insurance strategies.

Ms. Hrizi has a law degree from Harvard University and an MBA from INSEAD Business School in France. She speaks French and English fluently.

Nathalie Hrizi’s Political Career

Nathalie Hrizi is a longtime political figure in Lebanon. She has been involved in politics for over 30 years, beginning her career as a parliamentarian. She has also served as the insurance commissioner and been the deputy minister of social affairs. In 2018, she was elected to serve as the president of the Lebanese Republic.

Hrizi has a long history of fighting for social justice and human rights. She has been a vocal advocate for Lebanon’s marginalized communities, including refugees and internally displaced people. She has also worked to improve access to education and healthcare for all Lebanese citizens.

Hrizi is considered one of Lebanon’s most influential political leaders. She is known for her strong courage and ability to work across party lines to get things done. Her experience and expertise make her an excellent candidate for president of the Lebanese Republic.

Nathalie Hrizi’s Role as Insurance Commissioner

Nathalie Hrizi has been serving as the insurance commissioner of Quebec since January 2019. She will be responsible for regulating the insurance industry and protecting consumers in Quebec.

Prior to her appointment, Hrizi was a deputy minister at the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Infrastructure. In this role, she was responsible for economic development, trade, investment and tourism.

Hrizi holds a degree in economics from Université Laval and a law degree from Université de Montréal.

The Regulation of Insurance in New York State

The regulation of insurance in New York State is a complex and multi-faceted process. The New York Insurance Department (NYID) is responsible for overseeing the actuarial soundness, financial responsibility and solvency of all New York insurers, as well as enforcing many insurance regulations.

In order to become licensed to do business in New York, an insurer must pass an examination administered by the NYID. The NYID also conducts periodic reviews of an insurer’s compliance with state regulatory requirements, which may result in corrective action being taken, including the revocation of a license.

The following are some of the most important insurance regulations that are enforced by the NYID:

1. Compliance with statutory requirements – An insurer must satisfy all statutory requirements governing its products and services, including those governing coverage limits, underwriting criteria, reserve requirements and licensing procedures. These requirements are set forth in statute or regulation and generally fall into one of two categories: general minimum standards applicable to every type of insurance product offered by an insurer; or specific standards applicable only to life or health insurance products.

2. Regulations applicable to individual lines of business – Many individual lines of business have their own specific regulatory requirements that must be met before an insurer can offer those products in the state. Lines of business include automobile insurance, property and casualty insurance, farm policy premiums and more.

3. Compliance with industry best practices – Industry best practices are broadly defined rules or guidelines that prohibit


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